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About Me


Besides being the owner and maintainer of Thought Egg, I’ve been a software developer in the corporate world for about 15 years.

Outside of that, I’ve had lots of side projects and small business endeavors, all involving software development of one type or another.


My introduction to creative techniques

I first became interested in creative techniques several years ago. My first real job was with Motorola. They had a pretty nifty internal training program that was standard for all employees called “Motorola University”.  MU would offer all sorts of interesting courses, covering everything from business ideas to electrical engineering concepts.

Being right out of college I didn’t realize how cool and unusual it was to have something like this.

At one of the first courses I took at MU, I was given a book called Serious Creativity, by Dr. Edward de Bono. Unfortunately, in the ignorance of my youth, I viewed the book as just another collection of bound papers given to me by the Motorola bureaucracy which would be quickly forgotten and tossed.

I did, in fact end up storing it at the the the back of my closet and forgot about it for several years. One day, though I was working on a side project and encountered a particularly tough problem on one of my side projects. For whatever reason I recalled that I had de Bono’s creativity book lying around somewhere.

I managed to dig it up and proceeded to learn some really fascinating information. That was the beginning of a journey into creative techniques that has continued to this day. I hope you find the information on this site useful and if you had any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear them so feel free to drop me an email!

Bob Riley